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Discovery Services


Zenobia has re-launched their services department within the Zenobia Fragments division.  The goal of the division is to support fragment screening programs we also support high-throughput screening, lead discovery and lead optimization. We provide construct design, protein purification, fragment screening and crystallization services. We also provide consulting to support our services and product line. We have over 100 years combined experience in these fields.

Construct design

Provide the sequence of your target of interest and we will provide a series of constructs for cloning and expression testing. We are not limited to sequence alignment but also utilize structural alignments to design boundaries consistent with protein expression for assay and crystallization.

Protein Purification

Provide cells, plasmids, sequence or a target, and we will provide pure protein. We can work with your protocol or develop one of our own. We can also include construct design as part of this service.

Fragment Screening

We can screen our fragment library or yours by a number of complimentary methods.  Biochemical assay that you provide or we co-develop, protein stabilization, ligand-based NMR or protein crystallography.


Provide pure protein or enter our process at the construct design and protein purification stages.  We will set-up over 1000 conditions for each construct to obtain crystals and optimize them. We also provide structure determination as part of this service.

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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