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Fradditive™ Screens* for Protein/Crystal Optimization



Definition of Fradditive™: (1) fragments of a ligand or macromolecule found bound to proteins in nature; (2) very small chemical fragments of known drugs or natural products. 


Why Fradditives™?


  • Ligands stabilize proteins in solution improving stability and crystallizability

  • Serendipitous contaminants, buffer or crystallization components have been critical for crystallizability 

  • Ligands have not been routinely incorporated into commercial screens

  • 20 years of fragment-based lead discovery data shows that fragments find binding sites on proteins

  • Not all fragments alter protein activity but are relevant to protein stability

  • We introduce a series of Fradditive™ screens to expand the diversity and productivity of ligands in protein purification and crystallization


Fradditive™ Product Line


  • Low molecular weight (< 150) and soluble to 10mM in aqueous solution to improve their probability of binding to your target

  • 96 conditions pre-formulated and ready for use

  • 0.5ml of each solution in deep well blocks

  • Fradditve™ reagents may be purchased in bulk to ensure reproducibility in large-scale purification and crystallization processes

  • Exclusive to Zenobia






*Patent pending


Fradditive™ Screen 1

  • Natural and unnatural amino acids

  • Sugars

  • Nucleotide and nucleotide analogues


Fradditive™ Screen 2

  • MW < 150

  • Mix of aliphatic chain, ring and aromatic

  • Found in natural products and other common ligands 

Fradditive™ Stability


  • 30 unique fragments MW < 150

  • 20 unique buffer reagents

  • pH range 4.4-8.9

Fradditive™ Stability


  • 30 unique fragments MW < 150

  • 30 unique salts

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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