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Zenobia Fragment Library Collection


We offer a full 950 compound collection covering a range of shapes, sizes and properties.  We claim the most core diverse library in the industry.  The collection is designed to work together but individual libraries may be purchased to meet the unique needs of your program.


Click on the links below to view more details about each library.

Our original fragment library designed to be used alone or in conjunction with our other libraries.  


  • Cores derived from those common in drugs and found bound to proteins (PDB)Cores are primarily single ring aromatic (70%) with a minimal number of non-aromatic compounds (6%)

  • All compounds are composed of at least one ring (aliphatic or aromatic or both).  

  • This library has been used by numerous laboratories around the world yielding hits even for difficult targets.  Details of the library are summarized on the Library 1 page.

Library 2 has the highest core diversity of all Zenobia libraries.


  • Like Library 1 and Library 1+, Library 2 is composed primarily of building blocks.

  • Composed of more unusual cores 

  • sp3 character slightly higher than Library 1+

  • Library is composed of approximately equal single and double ring aromatics (~40% each)

  • Library 2 has the highest avg clogP and lowest avg total polar surface area tPSA

  • Details of the library are summarized on the Library 2 page.

Library 1+ is designed to bridge Libraries 1 and 2.  


  • Additional core scaffolds to compliment Library 1

  • Additional sp3 character (> Library 1 and < Library 2)

  • Primarily single ring aromatic cores (60%) with more double ring aromatics than Library 1 and a few containing three rings.

  • Higher incidence of non-aromatic rings in this library than in Library 1.  

  • Details of the library are summarized on the Library 1+ page.



Library 2+ is unlike any library on the market and is a good compliment to Library 1, 1+ or 2.


  • High aliphatic character and most of the compounds (70%) have no aromatic ring.

  • Lowest molecular weight library.

  • Most polar of the four libraries.

  • Designed to find secondary binding sites that could be used in optimization of other fragments through linking or merging, or a starting point for challenging targets.

  • Details of the library are summarized on the Library 2+ page

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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