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ZEN-OPTI™ was created as a stand-alone library that combines the optimal properties of ZEN-LIBRARY 1™ and ZEN-LIBRARY 2™. It is also a great compliment to any of our other libraries.  The collection consists of 164 compounds that are shipped as dry films in V-bottom 96-well plates.  Pricing varies based upon the number of libraries purchased.  Discounts given for academic and non-profit research laboratories.


  • Prices shown are for industry customers.  Please contact us for academic discounts or other bundle offers.

    Email or

    phone 858-378-6031

    • 164 compounds
    • Drug-like cores with added sp3 character versus Library 1
    • sp3 character is lower than Library 2
    • Hits for multiple target classes including protein-protein interaction
    • Suitable for all major screening methods
    • Soluble to 200mM in 100% DMSO
    • Soluble to 1mM in aqueous solution
    • Shipped as dry films in 96 well plates
    • Approximately 1.5 mg of each compound is included in the kit (0.05ml of a 200mM solution)
    • Custom plating and vials available upon request
    • Re-supply of individual compounds available

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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