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ZEN-CORE-288™ is the first addition to Zenobia Fragment's Express Tool Finder Product line. It is a highly efficient CORE screen that samples Zenobia’s 968 compound collection. Express ZEN-CORE 288™ is designed to yield quality leads and provide early information about the drugability of your target. ZEN-CORE 288™ is the first off-the-shelf consumable fragment library.  It is pre-formatted in a 384 well plate format and ready for immediate screening. Each of the 288 fragments is accurately pre-spotted with 1ul of a 200mM stock ZEN-CORE 288™ solution. The first and last three columns of the 384 well plate are left blank to provide ample room for your internal controls. Approximately 30 micrograms of compound are included which is suitable to conduct at least one fragment screen by most methodologies. Typical hit rate for this screen is 3-10% for an average target. All fragments are soluble to 200mM in 100% DMSO and 1mM in aqueous solution. Additional compound may be purchased separately. Contact us for a quote or purchase through our online store.

·       288 compounds

·       Supplied in a single 1 ul/well pre-spotted 384 well plate or in 3 separate 96 well plates

·       Approximately 30 micrograms of each compound is included in the kit

·       1ul of 200mM stock solution per well

·       Provides early information regarding a target’s drugability

Express-ZEN-CORE 288™


    Academic and quantity discounts available. 

    Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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