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For systems that crystallize readily, Express-Zen-Core 288™ is pre-plated as single compounds in the SWISSCI 3 Lens 96 well Crystallization Plate.

  • 0.5ml of 200mM compound is dried down in each of the three drop positions (288 compounds total)
  • Dry compound eliminates need for organic co-solvent
  • Add 20ml of mother liquor to the well and up to 5ml of stabilization buffer to each drop for a 20mM soaking stock (lower volumes may be added for higher concentration soaks)
  • Powder re-supply available from Zenobia
  • An average of 40 analogues available for each fragment (SARbyCatalogue). Analogue plates available through Zenobia
  • Individual PDB files for all ligands are provided with purchase along with excel and SD files with structures/smiles and plate format


Compounds are plated in the SWISSCI 3 Lens 96 well crystallization plate, as shown. Every drop position is used with one compound dispensed in each of the three drops per well.  0.5ml of a 200mM compound stock is dried in each drop so that up to 5ml of stabilization buffer may be added per well for a 20mM soaking. 

Express-Zen-Core 288™: X-ray Single


    Academic and quantity discounts available. 

    Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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