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In many cases, it is much more efficient to screen as mixtures. Express-Zen-Core 288™ has a very high shape diversity making it possible to group into shape diverse mixtures that can be distinguished even at lower resolution. Express-Zen-Core 288™-Xray Mix of 3 is provided in the MRC 2 drop 96 well crystallization plate.

  • 0.5ml of 200mM compound is dried down for each compound in the mixture of three which is in the top drop for each well; second drop is blank (288 compounds total)
  • Dry compound eliminates need for organic co-solvent
  • Add 50ml of mother liquor to the well and up to 5ml of stabilization buffer to each drop for a 20mM per compound (60mM total compound concentration) soaking stock (lower volumes may be added for higher concentration soaks)
  • Powder re-supply available from Zenobia
  • An average of 40 analogues available for each fragment (SARbyCatalogue). Analogue plates available through Zenobia
  • Individual PDB files for all ligands are provided with purchase along with excel and SD files with structures/smiles and plate format


Compounds are plated in the MRC 2 drop 96 well crystallization plate shown in this figure. The mixture of three is dispensed into the top drop position of each well and the bottom drop is left blank. Each mixture contains 0.5ml of a of 200mM compound stock that is dried in each drop so that up to 5ml of stabilization buffer may be added per well for a 20mM soaking solution (for each compound 60mM total). The plate contains all 288 compounds of the Zen-Core 288™ screen as 96 3-compound mixtures.

Express-Zen-Core 288™: X-ray Mix of 3


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