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Welcome to the Zenobia Fragments Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. Here, we will be sharing thoughts and opinions based upon our 20-30 years of experience in fragment screening and structural biology. We will share data we have generated and significant findings that we feel apply to the structural biology and fragment screening field. We welcome your comments on the utility of our products, challenges you face in your research and your opionions on the field in general.

Zenobia Fragments became an official entity in 2013 as a forum for the growing products division of Zenobia Therapeutics (founded in 2008).

Our mission is to provide cutting edge products based on our experience and internal research. We provide products we have developed to accelerate Zenobia Therapeutics research and products developed and tested at Zenobia Fragments. By providing these products, we hope to advance research around the world and facilitate discovery of new treatments for unmet medical needs.

We wish you all a very successful 2016!


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