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Efficiency by Design

As fragment screening continues to grow in popularity and establish itself as an integral part of discovery research, the emergence of more and more compounds added to fragment library collections seems to grow exponentially. What once was an efficient means of effectively screening a target to provide information about its drugability or identify the unique building blocks of a clinical candidate, has now become diluted in a pool of tens or hundreds of thousands of compounds to endlessly screen.

Designing efficiency into any application should be one of the primary principles and only be modified when expanded scope adds additional information. When this simple required element is ignored or modified to adapt to an ever changing landscape of discovery research, the other primary principle that appears to be compromised is value. Value is the true measurement of success. The simplicity of design directly relates to the elegance of its footprint, regardless of its true complexity, and effortlessly executes time and again without fail. These fundamental principles are what make Zenobia and its products the premiere fragment resource experts and what sets us apart from our competitors.

Zenobia Fragments was created to become a viable resource for fragment-centric products and provide researcher quality tools that introduce efficiency, quality, and value into every fragment product. Each of Zenobia's primary libraries was designed by its founders and pioneers in the field of Fragment Based Lead Discovery (FBLD). The applied principles of design used across Zenobia’s product line incorporate a balance of both efficiency and value to ensure each of our products retain high scientific integrity.

A well designed fragment screen should include, but not limited to, a thorough evaluation of Murcko core diversity, sp3 character, low molecular weight classification, relevant functional groups, flexibility, solubility, sampling of ideal drug-like cores, aliphatic character, reactivity, and finally the inspection and visual comparison of each selected compound for its structural relevance. These are just of sampling of the scope and scientific principles applied to finalize each of Zenobia’s available commercial libraries. What has emerged are focused, compact screens, between 170 to 352 compounds designed to work independently or together as a collection containing only the necessary fragments required to reliably and routinely produce quality results. - Zenobia Fragments; March 4, 2016 Blog Post © 2016

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