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Chemical Fragments

Express Product Line

For a small initial investment validate your target, assay and find early hits

Enabling Drug Discovery Worldwide

Zenobia Fragments scientists have over 50 years combined early-stage drug discovery experience and are dedicated to providing tools that enable researchers to complete target validation and lead discovery programs.

Discovery Product Line

Optimal collection for your fragment-based lead discovery program

Stability Product Line

Pre-formatted screen to solubilize and stablize your protein in solution

Designed by Scientists for Scientists

What our customers are saying... 

"I liked it because the compounds were already weighed out and screened for solubility, which saved me a lot of time."

"I've gotten my highest quality hits so far using these screens."

"It's nice because it's a focused collection that still gave us a wide variety of hits."

"I felt like I could trust Zenobia because they use these screens to gather their own internal data too."

Select Research Institutes that have purchased our products

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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