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Fradditive™ Screens

Fradditive™ Screens

Fradditive™ Screens: Only available from Zenobia - Unique ligand-based screens to improve crystal diffraction and protein stability (patent pending)

Fragment Collections

Fragment Collections

Complete Fragment Library Solution: most core diverse library on the market

Aurum Support Services

Aurum Support Services

Consulting, screening, protein production and crystallography services to support your program

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Scripps Fragment Library
st jude fragment library
Johns Hopkins Fragment Library
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Whats New?


Fradditive™ Screens: Only available from Zenobia! Now you can routinely screen fragments during protein purification and crystallization


Stand-alone fragment library collection: The most core diverse library on the market! 


Cherry picking: Cherry pick from our fragment collection or rely upon our experts to help you identify the perfect collection.


Credit cards:  You may now pay by credit card.  Order directly from our online store or contact us for custom orders.



Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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