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Our product line is dedicated to facilitating fragment-based lead discovery through reagents and services.  We began with a fragment library of 365 compounds and have grown that to nearly 1000.  We have expanded our application to crystal optimization and protein stabilization through a series of one-of-a-kind screens.  These screens utilize the top reagents in crystallization paired with our most biologically relevant and least complex fragments to stabilize your protein and facilitate your fragment screens. We are also re-offering a series of services to support fragment screening efforts that extend from consulting and construct design to protein purification, screening, crystallization and structure determination.

Protein/Crystal Optimization


Only available from Zenobia!  Unique fragment-derived additive and protein stabilization screens for purification and crystal optimization.


Fradditive™ Screens: 

Most biologically relevant and least complex fragments paired with buffers, salts and other reagents that historically yield soluble protein and diffraction quality crystals.



Fragment Libraries


The most core diverse libraries on the market.  We offer 4 libraries with complimentary unique properties. The libraries are designed to work as stand alone solutions or together as a complete screening set.


Libraries come pre-plated in 96 well plates as dry films.  Custom formatting is avaliable upon request.


All New:

 ZEN-CORE 288™ Fragment Library

Great entry point into fragment screening. Pre-plated in a 384 well plate; 288 of our most diverse compounds are included to provide rapid and inexpensive screening of your target!

Discovery Services


Zenobia has been providing services to the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 10 years with a track record of success.  We have re-designed our services platform to faciliate fragment-based lead discovery at all stages. 

Academic and quantity discounts available. 

Contact us if you are working on COVID-19.

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